Muse Going Back to Basics on New Album


Story by Anne Erickson

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy says the band’s new album goes back to ‘just the basics of who we are’

Muse are back at work on their follow-up to “The 2nd Law,” and frontman Matt Bellamy says the new songs are shaping up to sound, well, like classic Muse.

“I have this strong feeling that the next album should be something that really does strip away the additional things that we’ve experimented with on the last two albums, which is electronics, symphonics and orchestral work and all that kind of stuff,” he told Rolling Stone. “I kind of feel like it will be nice to reconnect and remind ourselves of just the basics of who we are.”

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Muse. Bellamy says the group plans to celebrate, both by hitting the studio to record a new album and touring.

“I can see us doing a combination of things, probably theaters for fun and to reconnect with what it’s like to be in a small, sweaty venue and then do huge festivals to cover the fans that can’t get into the theaters,” he said. “Then…we might do a short run of really high-concept shows. We touched on that on (‘The 2nd Law’) tour, but I think we can go a lot further.”



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