The Black Keys, ‘Little Black Submarines’ – Song Review

The Black Keys show off their blues roots in new their single, “Little Black Submarines.”
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Imagine Dragons, ‘It’s Time’ – Song Review

Imagine Dragons offer empowering lyrics and sweeping melodies in “It’s Time.”
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The Overseer, ‘We Search, We Dig’ – Album Review

Solid State Records’ latest metal clan, the Overseer, are set to release their latest album, “We Search, We Dig,” on June 19.
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Evanescence, ‘Made of Stone,’ Carries Emotion, Power – Song Review

Evanescence’s latest single, “Made of Stone,” carries a wide range of musical textures and feels. Read Audio Ink Radio’s review of the song, here.
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Demon Hunter, ‘My Destiny,’ Marries Metal and Poetry – Song Review

Christian metal favorites Demon Hunter have released the first single off their sixth studio album,” True Defiance,” a blustering track called “My Destiny.”
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Cavo, ‘Thick as Thieves,’ Carries Soaring Modern Rock – Song Review

Riding sky-high on the success of their No. 1 rock single “Champagne,” the boys of Cavo are back with a new album, “Thick as Thieves,” out April 10.
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Five Finger Death Punch, ‘Remember Everything’ – Song Review

On Five Finger Death Punch’s new single, “Remember Everything,” the metal guys show off many shades of sound.
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Posted 26 Jan 2012 | Metal, Music, Reviews | 0 Comments
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