Top Five Rock Videos of the 2011s (So Far)

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RED, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold Among 2011’s Best Rock Videos

Can you believe 30 years have passed since MTV first played a music video? Let’s hope they get back to playing music videos at some point. Until then, to celebrate, Audio Ink Radio is counting down our Top Five Rock Videos of the 2011s. Yes, the year is only half over, but that’s why this counts down five great videos, not ten. We’ll get to those, later.

5. Seether, “Country Song”

Shaun Morgan and the men of Seether put together a fun, classic video for their single, “Country Song,” that really takes the viewer back to an old Western saloon, with lots of dust and dirt to match the song’s twang-y, raw vibe.

4. August Burns Red, “Internal Cannon”

August Burns Red always put out killer videos, and the video for “Internal Cannon” is no different. The video shows some strong live footage, too.

3. Avenged Sevenfold, “So Far Away”

Avenged Sevenfold’s video for “So Far Away” is emotion-packed, and every frame somehow honors late drummer Jimmy “the Rev” Sullivan. Good luck getting through this one without shedding a tear.

2. Foo Fighters, “Rope”

Nothing beats a Foo Fighters live show, and when it came to the band’s debut video from their new album, Wasting Light, they were smart enough to bank on that. Here’s to a video that relies solely on the talent of the band members and Dave Grohl. (Editor’s note: We loved Foo Fighters’ “Walk,” too, but this video just plainly shows the talent of the Foos.)

1. RED, “Lie To Me”

RED’s dramatic video for “Lie to Me” highlights live footage in a rundown warehouse, seething with energy, sprit and raw power. The blistering energy and high spirit of this video makes it our top pick for 2011. So far.

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