Evanescence ‘What You Want’ Video Roars – Video Review [Watch]

Review by Anne Erickson

Amy Lee and Evanescence unveil full video for ‘ What You Want’

After weeks of teasing from the Evanescence camp, Amy Lee and company have finally released the full music video for, “What You Want,” the debut single off the goth-pop band’s forthcoming, self-titled release, out Oct. 11 on Wind-Up Records. The video brings a ferocious blast of hard rock, with the band playing a powerful, grinding show inside a sweltering Brooklyn warehouse.

“What You Want” is certainly a return to Evanescence’s roots, emulating the band’s first run of shows, grinding it out in small clubs and playing to a small, fervent fan base. It’s also a return to the classic, larger-than-life rock videos, with a high-budget mix of breath-taking shots of the New York City skyline, Lee running down a deserted Brooklyn Bridge and plenty of tight, high-energy performance footage. The video ends with Lee and her entourage dramatically vanishing into the waters at Coney Island, as the sun sets in the distance.

“What You Want” is an anguished, beseeching rock video buoyed by the song’s plugging guitars and Lee’s guttural, robust delivery. The cutting lyrics match the dark undertone and eerie vibe of the video:

“Do what you what you want, if you have a dream for better / Do what you what you want till you don’t want it anymore / Remember who you really are / Do what you what you want, your world’s closing in on you now / It isn’t over.”

Lee has often stated that “What You Want” is a different kind of video for Evanescence, and it is. At the same time, it recalls the band’s video for their 2003 rock hit, “Going Under,” which also has Lee and her band mates rocking it out in an intimate club. Like “Going Under,” “What You Want” roars louder than most in Evanescence collection, and the video feels very authentic and true to all that is, Evanescence.

Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Guitar Splatters

Watch the Full Video for Evanescence’s, ‘What You Want’:


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