Corey Taylor Says Stone Sour are Planning a ‘Double Concept Album’


Story by Charles Ken

Stone Sour are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming full-length

Corey Taylor has never been one to shy away from trying something new. So, it should come as little surprise that on Stone Sour’s upcoming full-length, Taylor says he’s shooting to create a “double concept album” packed with annihilation.

“I am looking forward to basically becoming a mad scientist in the studio and creating an album that no one wants us to make,” Taylor told Artist Direct. “I pretty much got permission to do whatever I wanted, which means that I’m essentially going against the grain in an age where people are … trying to simply put out singles. We’re looking to do a double concept album and really make it destructive.”

Corey added that Stone Sour are already well along in the recording process. As for the album’s sound, “Picture ‘The Wall’ meets ‘Dirt’ on steroids, and that will give you a taste of what I’m shooting for right now,” he explained. “We’ve already got 14 tunes done, and we’re looking to get another 15 ready to go. The stuff we have right now is nuclear. It’s pretty much going to go all the way… There’s so much balls out rock on it as well as some good headpunchers and some really cool … dark pieces. I’m really excited about it.”

Taylor also said he doesn’t apologize for his brutally honest persona, which often comes out when talking to the press and fans. “I’m brave enough that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is,” Taylor said. “I’ll say, ‘This is what I think. This is what I see. This is something that I back. This is something I’m all about’ and contribute to the creativity of the world instead of adding another negative voice to the roar that is already out there.”




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