Corey Taylor Says He’s Taking Things ‘Day by Day’ Following Breakdown


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Corey Taylor breakdown – The vocalist explains his recent mental health struggles in a new Instagram reel – Author Cat Badra, Photo via Anne Erickson

Corey Taylor recently canceled his entire 2024 solo tour, leaving fans to wonder what was going on with the rocker. At the time, he said that he needed to take a break for his “mental and physical health.” But, he didn’t go into a bunch of detail other than that. Now, however, Taylor is opening up about the “complete and utter breakdown” that he recently experienced, which forced him to cancel those shows. It’s a very personal message that gives a close look into what Taylor has been going through as of late.

Taylor canceled his month-long North American tour, originally scheduled to begin in February. That said, he still has a short tour of Asia scheduled for late March. He also has tour dates scheduled for the end of the year with his main band, Slipknot. His other band, Stone Sour, is on an indefinite hiatus.

So, the vocalist has taken to social media to explain this Corey Taylor breakdown to fans. In a new reel on Instagram, he goes into detail about the mental breakdown that he has been experiencing. He also says that it almost made him relapse. He’s been sober for several years, but a relapse is always a possibility. He also brought up why the Asia shows are still on the books, while the North American ones are off.

“The truth of the matter is I understand why so many of you are upset, and I’m just gonna break it down for you,” Taylor in an Instagram reel (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). “I, over the last year, have had a complete and utter breakdown of boundaries, mental health, ego, entitlement, the whole nine yards, culminating in a very, very real, very near relapse that I kind of don’t recognize myself.”

He added, “So, again, I wanted to address this and just tell people that I needed time to reset, I needed time to start working on my heart and my mind and get straight. The reason I’m keeping the Southeast Asia run, it’s literally four shows, it’s literally a week. I’m gonna see how I do with that and just take it day by day, basically. I’m working on self-care right now, getting the help that I need and surrounding myself with my family.”

Looking at how busy Taylor has kept himself the past few years, it’s no wonder he crashed and burned. He was packing shows and recording sessions for his solo work, as well as new stuff with Slipknot. With his solo project, he toured North America and Europe last year. He’s also been on the road with Slipknot a lot and working on new music. Watch Corey Taylor’s video below.

As for the upcoming Slipknot shows, those will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band’s 1999 self-titled album. According to Clown of the band, the guys will perform the record in its entirety on tour. So far, Slipknot only have European tour dates booked for the 25th anniversary, all scheduled for the end of 2024.



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