Buckcherry Guitarist Keith Nelson Gives Thoughts on Music Industry


Story by Anne Erickson

Buckcherry’s Keith Nelson says you have to be ‘smart and creative’ in today’s music industry

It goes without saying that the music industry has seen unprecedented change over the past few years, mainly due to the rise of the Internet and music becoming readily available online. Some bands can’t adapt and fall by the wayside, but others, like California rockers Buckcherry, evolve to stay in touch with trends.

When it comes to how the industry has changed since Buckcherry started out in the mid-1990s, guitarist Keith Nelson says it’s immeasurable. “From the business side, it’s changed dramatically, and from the artist side, it’s changed, too,” he exclusively told Audio Ink Radio. “When we first came around, there was so much focus on getting a record deal, and it was such a huge hurdle, and now getting a record deal isn’t nearly as important. You just need to find a way to get your music out there. You never really had outlets for that before.”

Buckcherry are seeing their biggest level of achievement on an independent label, famed rock label Eleven Seven Music. “We’re having our most success on an independent record label, because we have the most control over what we do and have the least amount of overhead,” Nelson said. “So, that’s made things so much easier. And you have to be smart and creative with your marketing and how you get your music out to people.

“I like the changes that are going on. In some respects, it’s a lot more difficult financial, because rock bands aren’t really selling numbers of records they did at one time, but from a sheer artistic point of view, and think it’s a much better place for artists.” Buckcherry are currently working on a new album, set to arrive — fingers crossed — sometime in 2012.


Anne Erickson
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