Demon Hunter Streaming New Song off Upcoming Album


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Singer says new song, ‘Someone to Hate,’ is a ‘perfect first-glimpse’ of band’s new record

Christian metal band Demon Hunter are set to release their latest collection of heavy, aggressive jams with “True Defiance” on April 10 via their longtime label home, Solid State Records. As the clocks ticks down to the release, Demon Hunter are giving fans a taste of a new track off the album, “Someone to Hate,” and the songs carry the weight and power diehards have come to expect from Demon Hunter. Listen to the song on the band’s official Facebook page.

“‘Someone To Hate’ feels like a perfect first-glimpse at the new record,” Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark said in a statement. “At one point we were even debating on it being the album opener. It’s definitely a thrash song, but with a Demon Hunter twist. I think fans will dig it because it has a lot of classic DH elements, but it really pushes each of those elements to the max. It’s fast, it’s mean, it’s unapologetic… but of course, it has moments of melody as well.”

What to expect from the rest of the band’s sixth studio album? “A circle pit-inducing rampage with a thrash backbone, the dynamic ‘Someone to Hate’ finds Demon Hunter taking their music’s most beloved aspects and pushing them to bold and exciting extremes,” the band promises in an official statement. The 11-track release packs such dramatic titles as “Crucifix,” “Tomorrow Never Comes,” “This I Know,” “Means to an End” and “My Destiny.” Find the complete track listing for the upcoming assortment, below. (Photo via Solid State Records.)

Demon Hunter, ‘True Defiance,’ Track Listing:

1. “Crucifix”
2. “God Forsaken”
3. “My Destiny”
4. “Wake”
5. “Tomorrow Never Comes”
6. “Someone to Hate”
7. “This I Know”
8. “Means to an End”
9. “We Don’t Care”
10. “Resistance”
11. “Dead Flowers”


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