Evanescence, ‘Made of Stone,’ Carries Emotion, Power – Song Review


Review by Anne Erickson

Evanescence’s latest single, ‘Made of Stone,’ is dramatic from start to finish

Evanescence broke out of the early 2000s, post-grunge era at a time when the need for a powerful, female-fronted rock band band was at its peak. Thankfully, Amy Lee and Evanescence filled that need with churning, metallic rock anthems showcasing Lee’s strong belt and roar. Now, Evanescence have released the latest single off their self-titled, 2011 release, “Made of Stone,” and the song carries the Evanescence tradition of epic, towering guitar-driven rock and emotive vocals.

Lee opens the track with hushed, delicate vocals that whisper something of a warning over deep rhythms and sparse keyboard: “Speak your mind, like I care / I can see your lips moving / I’ve just learned not to hear / Don’t waste your time,” Lee breathes out with a touch of edge before the verse explodes into a fist-pumping chorus.

“It’s never enough for you baby / Don’t want to play your game anymore / No matter what you say / I’m all out of love for you, baby / And now that I’ve tried everything / I’ll numb the pain, ‘Til I am made of stone!” Call this the perfect breakup ditty for any girl, or guy, looking to say the final “goodbye.”

“Made of Stone” remains dramatic from start to finish, and while there’s a major bluster in the chorus, the song carries a wide range of musical textures and feels. “Made of Stone” depicts the Evanescence aura fully and completely, making this one of the Arkansas rock group’s strongest singles to date. Want more? Check out Evanescence’s video for “My Heart is Broken,” here. (Featured photo by Chapman Baehler.)

Ink Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Guitar Gauges


Anne Erickson
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