Flea, Krist Novoselic, Gene Simmons Among 10 Richest Bassists


Story by Cat Badra

Members of Kiss, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana made the cut for the Top 10 richest bassists in the world

While the bass guitar may take a backseat to the lead guitarist or lead vocalist in many bands, that doesn’t mean low-enders get a small paycheck. A new list from the website Richest.com is out that ranks bass players based on their net worth, and the tally proves bass players can make huge paychecks.

The No. 1 most paid bass player in the business is no surprise: former Beatles bass player Paul McCartney. He’s reportedly worth $1.2 billion. Other highest-paid bass player include former Police frontman Sting and Kiss low-ender Gene Simmons, both worth $300 million and tying for the No. 2 slot. Next on the list is Roger Waters at No. 4 and a $270 million worth, followed by U2 bass player Adam Clayton at No. 5, who is worth $150 million.

The rest of the list includes Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player Flea at No. 6, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones at No. 7, Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler at No. 8, No Doubt’s Tony Kanal at No. 9 and Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic rounding out the top 10. Kanal’s riches, according to the website, are largely thanks to his songwriting work for Gwen Stefani’s solo career and work as a producer.

Top 10 Richest Bass Players, According to Richest.com:

1. Paul McCartney — $1.2 billion
2. Gene Simmons — $300 million
2. Sting — $300 million
4. Roger Waters — $270 million
5. Adam Clayton — $150 million
6. Flea — $115 million
7. John Paul Jones — $80 million
8. Geezer Butler — $65 million
9. Tony Kanal — $45 million
10. Krist Novoselic — $40 million



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