Seether Frontman Shaun Morgan Recalls Band’s Early Days


Story by Cat Badra

Exclusive interview: Seether singer Shaun Morgan says the band’s early days were rough, but still fun

Seether have such a roster of rock radio hits that sometimes it’s easy to forget the band struggled hard before breaking big. Frontman Shaun Morgan remembers those early days before “Fine Again,” “Broken” and “Country Song” were on top of the charts and says going through all the adversity only made success sweeter.

Morgan describes those first tours as “three guys touring in a pickup truck with a trailer on the back that had our PA in it.”

“We would drive around from show to show, making enough money to get gas in our truck to get to the next one,” he told Audio Ink Radio. “We’d get to a show, unpack our PA, play the show, break down our PA, put it back into the trailer and if we had enough money, we’d hang out a while before we got to packing for the next gig.”

Seether’s first tours lasted about six weeks at a time at first, Morgan said. Funds were tight, but that was okay, because the guys were continuously inspired by making music.

“It was fun, because we had nothing to lose,” he explained, “but it was hard at time, because we had no money. We’d save a couple bucks to pull up to a gas station and go buy some bread and just put ketchup and mustard on it to feed ourselves. So, those were rough times, but you look back and go, ‘I remember how fun that was,’ because we just played a lot of rock music, and that’s really why you’re in a band.”

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