Billy Corgan on Kurt Cobain: He Was Really Talented


Story by Charles Ken

Billy Corgan remembers his competitive relationship with Kurt Cobain

Back in the ‘90s, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain didn’t necessarily get along. These days, though, Corgan has a new appreciation for Cobain and says he always respected him.

“Now, (Cobain) and I didn’t necessarily get along. But I like to sing his praises, because he really was that talented,” Corgan told U.K.’s The Independent. “I like to think the world with him would have been a better place, and I like to think a lot of the crap music that followed wouldn’t have existed if he had been around to criticize it. Because he had the moral standing to slay generations with a strike of the pen.”

He added, “In the purest sense of the word, we were competitors, he and I were the top two scribes, and everybody else was a distant third.”

Smashing Pumpkins’ latest album, “Monuments to an Elegy,” is due out Dec. 9. Several songs on the disc feature Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, adding a new dynamic to the Pumpkins’ sound.

Charles Ken
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