Record Store Day 2015 Picks: 5 Rock and Metal Releases


Story by Anne Erickson

From Foo Fighters to Metallica, check out five heavy Record Store Day exclusives

Record Store Day is this Saturday (April 18). The annual event pays tribute to the local record shop with exclusive releases available only at your neighborhood, independently-owned record store. It’s a day I always stop by my local record shops and browse the vinyl, CD and cassette offerings.

Hundreds of artists are releasing exclusives Saturday. Here are five rock and metal offering sets just for Record Store Day 2015. For the full list of exclusives, visit Record Store Day’s official website.

Note that most Record Store Day releases are limited-edition, so they may sell out quickly. Also, many releases only go out to select participating stores, so it would be wise to contact your local shop before the big day to find out what they’re getting in stock.

Metallica, “No Life ‘til Leather,” cassette. The metal gents will release a remastered version of their 1982 demo “No Life ’til Leather” as a limited-edition cassette on Record Store Day.

Foo Fighters, “Songs from the Laundry Room.” Foo Fighters’ “Songs from the Laundry Room” 10-inch will offer demos and previously unreleased songs.

Mastodon, “Atlanta,” 12-inch picture disc. Mastodon’s “Atlanta” was previously available online only via Adult Swim’s Single Series. Now, the guys are releasing it as a picture disc featuring artwork by Mastodon’s Brent Hinds.

311, “Grifter/Who’s Got The Herb?,” seven-inch vinyl. This 311 release packs two previously unreleased versions of fan favorites. “Grifter” was recorded for the Transistor sessions and “Who’s Got the Herb,” a cover by H.R. of Bad Brains, was recorded from the From Chaos sessions.

Billie Joe Armstrong, “Live Freaky! Die Freaky!,” seven-inch picture disc.  This release offers three all-star tunes from the soundtrack to Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, John Roecker’s 2005 stop-motion-animated musical film. The track list includes Billie Joe Armstrong’s “Mechanical Man,” Travis Barker’s “Charlie?” and Jane Wieldin & Roddy Bottum’s “Do the Creepy Crawl.”

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