Five Finger Death Punch Offer Cassette Version of ‘A Decade of Destruction’

Story and photo by Anne Erickson

First it was vinyl, and now, the 1980s cassette is a hot trend in music, with studies showing that sales of the nostalgic cassette are up as much as 35%. That said, it’s not surprising that some bands are getting in on the trend, and the latest is Five Finger Death Punch. The Las Vegas hard rock band has released its new greatest hits album, “A Decade of Destruction,” on cassette, and announced the move via Twitter.

The announcement went over well, with fans tweeting, “Perfect reason to take out my old Walkman,” and “Can’t resist a cassette.” “A Decade of Destruction” features 16 of the biggest radio hits by Five Finger Death Punch from the past ten years, including “Wash It All Away,” “The Bleeding,” “Coming Down,” “Under and Over It” and more. New songs on the set include “Trouble” and Five Finger Death Punch’s cover of the Offspring’s “Gone Away.” The album is also available digitally, on CD and on vinyl.

Going forward, Five Finger Death Punch is looking ahead to a new album of originals. The band has also announced that their new album is finished and should arrive in spring of this year.

Frontman Ivan Moody is back with the band, after taking some time off from touring to deal with alcohol issues, and according to bass player Chris Kael, the band’s bond is better than ever. “Once you get that one terrible, negative element of addiction out of there,” he told FaceCulture, “it makes everything else kind of fall into place and makes us the band that we are at the end of the day, finally.”

Publication date: January 9, 2018

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