Corey Taylor Discusses the Future of Slipknot


Story by Charles Ken, photo by Anne Erickson

Rest assured, Slipknot fans, that the metal band is alive and well. While frontman Corey Taylor has spent some quality time with his other band, Stone Sour, for the past year or so, both in the form of a new album, “Hydrograd,” and on tour, Taylor says new music from Slipknot is on the way. In fact, he even has an idea of just when Slipknot will regroup and start to record their next album, which will mark the outfit’s follow-up to their 2014 release, “.5: The Gray Chapter.”

“Twenty-nineteen, sometime in that year we will definitely be recording it,” Taylor said in an interview with Montreal’s Musik Universe. “We’ll finish writing it, record it and be ready to go on the road.”

Taylor even started discussing the direction of the upcoming Slipknot album, explaining that the lyrics he has begun writing are “probably the most autobiographical I’ve been in years.” He added, “It’s dark, it’s really dark.”

In a recent interview, the band’s longtime percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan told NME that the next record could mark his last with Slipknot. Taylor and Crahan are so close and so much both a part of Slipknot, that Taylor says he’s won’t continue with Slipknot of Crahan does choose to leave. Because of the group’s intense physicality, which has caused injuries in the past, Taylor has thought about it, too.

“(Crahan’s) always been the vision for this band, for Slipknot, and without that, it crumbles,” Taylor said. “So, yeah, if he left, that would be it for me as well. And I say that, honestly, in a very positive way, because none of us would want to continue doing it from a half-a**ed point of view. Nobody wants to go 50 per cent on a Slipknot album.”

Taylor just wrapped up an early 2018 tour with Stone Sour in support of “Hydrograd.” The band is also slated to open of Ozzy Osbourne on the metal great’s upcoming farewell tour.



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