Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Ozzy, Oasis, Jane’s Addiction Among 2024 Nominees


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Ozzy Osbourne is among the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2024 Nominees – Author Cat Badra, Photo via Ross Halfin

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has announced its list of 2024 nominees, and this always comes with some drama. For one, it’s called the Rock Hall, but the hall actually honors artists in all kinds of genres of music. At what point should they change their name to the Music Hall of Fame? Would that be so bad? I guess tradition is difficult to break. But, regardless, the Rock Hall has unveiled its list of 2024 nominees, so let’s get into it.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2024 Nominees

This year’s nominating class includes the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne, along with Oasis, Dave Matthews Band, Mariah Carey, Sinead O’Connor, Cher, Sade, Mary J. Blige, Jane’s Addiction and A Tribe Called Quest. Other contenders include Lenny Kravitz, Peter Frampton, Eric B. & Rakim, Foreigner and Kool & the Gang. That’s a huge list of artists, and it’s going to be difficult to dwindle it down to the winners.

As for requirements, to be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released their first commercial recording at least 25 years before the year of nomination.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame already inducted Osbourne as a member of Black Sabbath back in in 2006. But, this is his first time being nominated as a solo artist. He joins Oasis, Carey, O’Connor, Cher, Sade, Frampton, Foreigner, Kool & the Gang and Kravitz as first-time nominees. The big question is, if Oasis gets in, will the Gallagher brothers finally reunite and give the fans what they want? Probably not. Many festivals and promoters have tried to get these guys to get back together for decades now. They’ve also offered them plenty of money to do it. So, I don’t see this being the reason they finally perform together again. But, you never know.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will announce their official class of 2024 in late April. Then, the Rock Hall will formally induct them in Cleveland this fall. An international voting body of more than 1,000 artists, historians and members of the music industry will pick the winners. Also, a fan vote will factor into the decision. Music fans can vote via the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s website.

For those who want to watch the festivities, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will stream live on Disney+. It will also be available on Hulu after the show debuts and later on ABC. Last year’s Rock Hall class included Rage Against the Machine, Willie Nelson, Missy Elliott, Kate Bush, George Michael, Sheryl Crow and The Spinners.

In other Osbourne news, the metal icon recently took to social media to express his distaste for Kanye West sampling some of his music. In a message posted on socials, Osbourne said that West “asked permission to sample a section of a 1983 live performance of ‘Iron Man’ from the US festival without vocals and was refused permission, because he is an antisemite.” The message continued that West “has caused untold heartache to many. He want ahead and used the sample anyway at his album listening party last night.” Ozzy added that he wants “no association with this man.”

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