Dave Grohl Returns to the Drum Kit


Story by Charles Ken

Dave Grohl lends his drumming talents to a new track from Bl’ast

Dave Grohl wears many musical hats. While he’s been spending most of his time singing leads and playing guitar in Foo Fighters as of late, plus mending up a broken leg, Grohl is still somehow managing to do some killer drumming on the side.

Grohl mans the kit on a new track from hardcore punk band Bl’ast, named “For Those Who’ve Graced the Fire!” You can take a listen to the song and Grohl’s pounding drum work via YouTube. The track will be released on vinyl on Oct. 30, along with a second new Bl’ast track called “The Pulse.”

Bl’ast, who got their start back in the ‘80s, are currently working on a new studio album. Former Queens of the Stone Age members Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo are expected to make appearances on the set.

How many bands has Grohl played with now? We can count Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Teenage Time Killers. You have to appreciate his ambition.



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