Dave Grohl, Eddie Van Halen Would Make Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist’s Dream Supergroup


Story by Charles Ken

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist names dream rock players

Rock supergroups are all the rage as of late, from Adrenaline Mob to SuperHeavy to Them Crooked Vultures. If you ask Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook who would make his “dream supergroup,” he’ll rattle off some high-profile players.

Dave Grohl on Vox, Jeremy Spencer on Drums, Jon Lord on Keys and Eddie Van Halen on bass,” Hook told Rock Pages. The talents of the Foo Fighters, Five Finger, Van Halen and more in one spot? Do it, Hook!

Hook went on to say that he believes the biggest hurdle in any band’s career is getting that first record deal. “There’s nothing harder than trying to get the band signed,” he said. “It’s all work and no guarantee. Maintaining the success shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you’re paying attention and making smart decisions.”

He also defended metal bands that go “mainstream” and take a hit from their hardcore fans for it. “To have a broad audience is a good thing,” he said. “I love metal but I also like to sing along to songs. If you look at Metallica, they aren’t that heavy relative to what’s out there these days… James is pretty much singing all the way through the songs and they’re catchy songs. The Black album was mainstream and probably turned off some of their hardcore fans but it sold 20 million copies and changed the future of that band forever… “

Five Finger Death Punch always put great work into their visual show, and Hook says that’s a big part of the band. “ … I grew up on was the arena rock concert, so to me, it’s clear on what has to be done to operate at that level…” he said. “Other bands may be too young to remember what that means, but we’re shooting for that by putting an emphasis on the visual element. A visual show will always be more compelling in a large venue as opposed to a band just playing their music… We believe you have to stimulate the eyes as well as the ears.”




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