Five Finger Death Punch Announce Free Netherlands Make-Up Gig


Story by Cat Badra

Five Finger Death Punch will play a free show in the Netherlands

Five Finger Death Punch have secured a free show in Tilburg, The Netherlands, in lieu of the concert that took place in the city earlier this week. At that gig, singer Ivan Moody stated, “This is my last show with Five Finger Death Punch.”

Following the onstage incident, Moody released a statement saying, “I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I have fallen off the wagon again,” and telling fans he was going to drop off the band’s European tour to deal with his issues. We wish him a speedy recovery.

“Last Monday’s show was an avalanche of events largely out of our control,” said guitarist Zoltan Bathory in a statement.

“We could sit here all day and apologize but our fans in the Netherlands deserve better than that,” Bathory added. “They’ve stuck with us all these years and helped get us to where we are today. So, we managed to re-route our tour and come back to Tilburg and play a free show on our day off — because actions speak louder than words.”

In a Facebook message about the previous Netherlands gig, Bathory stated that gig got off to a difficult start when “a crew member rolled the intro without verifying if we were all present” and things took off from there.

With Moody taking time off the band, Five Finger Death Punch has announced that they will wrap up their European tour without Moody and with Bad Wolves singer on vocals.

The free Tilburg concert is set for June 19.

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